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Meet Darsh

From the bustling streets of Urban Core Austin to the vast landscapes of property developments, Darsh Parikh isn't just another real estate agent – he's a force to be reckoned with. At the intersection of passion, precision, and prowess lies the heart of Darsh's real estate journey.

Darsh's acumen is not just limited to recognizing a good property. His unique perspective allows him to see beyond brick and mortar, to understand the pulse of the market, to read between the balance sheets, and to forecast the potential of investments. When Darsh analyzes a property, he delves deep into its DNA, ensuring that every investment is not just a transaction but a well-thought-out financial decision.

Specializing in new developments in the Urban Core Austin area, Darsh has become the go-to name for developers, builders, investors, and first-time home buyers alike. Each of them receives more than just a real estate service; they experience the Darsh Parikh brand of excellence.

Raised in the world of family businesses, he knows firsthand that success is built on a foundation of integrity, hard work, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It's this ethos that he brings to every deal, every negotiation, and every relationship.

Darsh's reputation is built on a bedrock of trust. For him, every client is a part of the extended family, and he remains fiercely protective of their interests, ensuring they receive top-quality insights, advice, and results. His vast network is a testament to the value he brings, with a significant chunk of his clientele emanating from trusted referrals.

In a world teeming with real estate agents, Darsh Parikh stands tall, not just for his deep understanding of the market but for his genuine passion for helping people make one of the most significant decisions of their lives.


Dave Fazio


Dave Fazio graduated from Auburn University in 1978. He began his apprenticeship at KPS Architecture Group in Birmingham before moving to Rome Italy in 1980 to continue his studies. After a brief stint at the University of Rome he chose to work as a designer for Orsi and Koerner, a multi-disciplinary international firm specializing in Urban Planning projects around the world. Dave was project manager for the design of a town near Misurata, Libya. He then worked as a designer/illustrator in the studio of Paulo Portoghesi. There he collaborated on many designs, including museums, religious buildings, master planning schemes and housing projects for Mr. Portoghesi.

Returning to the United States in 1982 he pursued his Master Degree at the University of Texas at Austin specializing in the perceptual characteristics of design. After graduate school he was project manager/designer on a number of large scale institutional projects. Dave has received a number of design awards throughout his career and is considered an artist as much as an architect.

Fazio Architects has been in business for 25 years, providing planning and design services for clients around the world. Today Dave is the principal in charge of design. He has provided leadership on a multitude building types including municipal facilities, educational buildings, medical office buildings, and complex renovation projects.

Dave’s realistic attitude towards project management has made his projects well known in the community and a success for his clients. He is committed to the implementation of sustainable design principals.


Tammy Lindenberg


Tammy is an Ichor leader and a 30-year veteran of the construction industry. She started out working for a construction company in San Antonio after high school in the bidding department. She is currently President of Ichor Group, and enjoys the challenge of making sure her team promotes a culture characterized by empowerment, commitment, and integrity, while providing the highest level of service to Ichor's clients. She is committed to collaborating with clients and industry partners to build long-term relationships based on reliability, honesty, and trust.

Tammy is a native to Texas and is passionate and dedicated to providing the best experience for each client. When not working, she enjoys all things Austin has to offer, including great food, exploring new places, Church Ministry, and a day out on the lake. She loves spending time with her husband, daughters, and four grandchildren. She currently holds the title for best Nana in the world, given to her by her oldest grandchild.

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